February 19, 2022 IS....KINdness day. Kin Canada celebrates the 10th Annual Day of KINdness.
In that spirit, residents at the Chateau Renoir here in Calgary are teaming up with the Stampede City Kinettes to give some KINdness back to some very special students at Our Lady Peace Catholic School.
Chateau Renoir residents were introduced to the students back in December when Holiday cards arrived at the retirement residence completely out of the blue from the thoughtful group.
The residents were thrilled by the connection, wanted to show their appreciation and return the kindness. They have worked with the Stampede City Kinettes to fundraise and purchase movie passes for the students.
Below is a clip of what we did as a club and in collaboration with Chateau Renoir as well as Our Lady Peace Catholic School on February 19, 2022.