Upcoming Events

Join us for our first meeting of the Kin Year on September 8 at 6:30pm! You can find us at 4611-8A St NE

Joint Installation - September 9

FLC 2016 - Banff (Hosted by Us!) - October 29-30 

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Grow, Learn, Make Friends & Have Fun
"Serving the Community's Greatest Needs"

About us:

Kinettes is an organization for woman of all ages. Members come from all walks of life, with varied interests and backgrounds. This 100% Canadian organization has a history of 90 + years of community service and is recognized as one of the world’s most successful service organizations. The Kin association has undertaken some of the most ambitious and challenging projects in the history of Canada, affecting the lives of not just Canadians, but Millions around the world.

Joining the Stampede City Kinettes:

A service club gives you the chance to develop a wide circle of friends with whom you can work together on projects to benefit the community. It also gives you a chance to develop skills you may not know you had – public speaking, organizational skills, project planning, etc.

Service and Personal Development:

Part of the experience of being a Kinette is that of personal growth. Not only do you get the opportunity to help others, but you will enhance your own personal skills, education and knowledge of planning major events, coordination and promotional skills for projects, build self-confidence, hone your professionalism, and so much more. In turn your will be better tuned to many diverse aspects of like in your community.

Club Social Activities:

Along with the meetings, we have a number of social events during the year. These range from home parties to weekend excursions. The activities also extend from single, mixed and family oriented events.

We need YOU!

In order for us to do all that we do, we need one very important element to continue our great working the community…that’s YOU.

You have the ability to help us grow and to keep the efforts of the Kinettes in Calgary thriving and vibrant. There is very little in life that can surpass the knowledge that you have made a difference in someone’s life. This is that opportunity and we invite you to become a part of our phenomenal association.

Kinette Club of Stampede City